Community Consultation

Community Consultation

Fourteen Changing Climate discussion forums were held around the south west region in partnership with the NRM community during March and April 2014.  These forums were supported by local communities and a range of stakeholders in Wagin, Boyup Brook, Augusta, Margaret River, Bunbury, Busselton, Manjimup and Mandurah.

The South West Catchments Council would like to thank all our Regional partners for their involvement and assistance in preparation for the forums and local community members for taking the time to participate in the forums.

At the discussion forums participants received an update on the Regional NRM Climate Change Planning Project activities and how SWCC is currently updating the Regional NRM Strategy to incorporate Climate Change using the systems approach.

Community Engagement Consultant Wendy Dymond facilitated participation at the forums. This involved community members developing components of a system and discussing what their system looks like.

Those present at the forums discussed Climate Change; what it meant to them, what changes they are noticing and how those changes impact on their lives and their local community.

All the information collected at the forums has been collated into a final report.

Final Report of South West Catchments Council Community Engagement (6.6 MB)


Boyup Brook Changing Climate Forum

Boyup Brook Changing Climate Forum held in March in partnership with the Blackwood Basin Group. 

Local area information can be downloaded by clicking on the area of interest below.

In addition to the forums held, SWCC and Community Engagement Consultant Wendy Dymond facilitated a series of semi-structured interviews with key aboriginal people across the SWCC region during October and November 2014.  At the interviews, discussions with community members explored what changes they have noticed; how they believe a changing climate will affect food, water and shelter components of their environment.

The South West Catchments Council would like to thank the local aboriginal people for making their time available to us and for participating in the update of Regional NRM Strategy incorporating Climate Change.  We noted during our consultation that aboriginal people already think in terms of the whole system when considering the landscape they live in.  The information collected from the interviews has been compiled into a report which will be made available here soon.

Further analysis of the Community Consultation is currently being undertaken and will be presented on the website soon.

Carbon Sequestration

SWCC also coordinated a Biosequestration Working Group. This Working Group provided technical expertise and feedback on the development of a series of carbon sequestration Maps. The maps determine where trees can be planted in the landscape for carbon without causing any adverse impacts taking into consideration high quality agricultural land, hydrology and biodiversity.

The final report outlines the process and tools used to develop these maps.  Simon Neville from Ecotones undertook this project. To find out more about this project, please click here.

Salinity Risk Mapping

In conjunction with the Biosequestration project, a series of Salinity Risk Maps and a decision support tree was developed by Paul Raper from the Department of Agriculture and Food WA. To find out more about this project, please click here.

SWCC values your feedback.  We encourage you to provide feedback on the website as new information is added.  To get involved click here.