Map Your Story

Map Your Story

Map Your Story

We value your input and strive to share the latest findings from across the region on this website. You can be involved by sharing your stories here.

‘Your Story’ could be as simple as sharing your observations and photos of changes in your local area.

If you can locate the focus of ‘Your Story’ on a map please do so below as this would really help us. As we are provided with your stories, we will endeavor to share these on the Regional and Catchment maps.

Please note: the drawing function can only work if you are on a pc computer at this point in time (not a smart phone or tablet)

If you have a story about an area that you would like to capture a physical location for please follow the instructions below as a means of supplying this to the South West Catchments Council.

Hover your mouse over the index Index icon in the top right corner of the map to toggle on and off layers as they become available.

Drawing features on the Map

The map above has tools for drawing features to show your areas of interest.

To create a point, area or line on the map:

  • Select the Point tool marker, Area tool polygon or Line tool polyline from the tool bar in the top-right,
  • Begin drawing the nodes of a line or an area by clicking on the map or simply click on a single location to draw a point,
  • In the case of an area or line feature, double click on the map to end drawing the feature (area features will form a closed shape automatically),
  • Please note you can draw multiple features but they must be of the same feature type (point, area OR line).

Repeat the above process to add any additional shapes. Once entered, a shape can be modified by clicking on the Edit tool edit. Shapes can be deleted by clicking the Delete tool delete and then clicking on the feature you want deleted. Be sure to press Save to the left of the tool bar item after editing or deleting.

Recording your story

When you are satisfied with your feature(s), enter your details into the form below along with your story about the features. If you choose to you can upload any photos or documents by clicking the Browse button and then click Send.

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    Record a story about your feature(s) here

    Optionally, attach a file to upload (max. 20 MB)

    If you require any support for using this facility please call Mike Christensen on (08) 9761 4184 or email [email protected]