Communities and Culture


SWCC’s overall objective is:

To contribute substantially towards engaging, involving and informing the people of the South West NRM region to ensure that all culturally significant assets are valued, conserved and protected.

The following Overall Outcome Indicators were developed to test whether or not this objective has been achieved:

  • All culturally significant sites within the region are conserved and protected from identified threats in the period to 2020.
  • All projects receiving SWCC support are protecting the intellectual property of, and knowledge provided by, the Aboriginal community in the period to 2020.
  • By 2020, all project officers working on projects funded by SWCC in the region are aware, and incorporate this awareness into their day-to-day activities, that from the perspective of the Aboriginal people there is no separation between maintenance of cultural heritage and management of natural resources.
  • All projects receiving SWCC support incorporate community engagement into their activities in the period to 2020.
  • The professional profile of community engagement and capacity building is established as an equally important discipline within NRM in the period to 2020.

In order to achieves the objective, SWCC and its partners will work towards achieving the following management outcome:

  • An involved, informed and supported NRM Community, that includes community members, Aboriginal groups and government agencies, has the ability to take an active role in:
    • appropriately managing and protecting all identified or known culturally significant assets/sites (Aboriginal and European) in the region for their intrinsic cultural values and as a component of standard NRM practices, projects and processes; and
    • managing, protecting, restoring and enhancing the natural resources of the region.

A range of indicators have been developed to test whether or not these management outcomes have been achieved. These are presented in the Project Planning Matrices (PPMs) which can be found here.

Priority sites for management action

The following cultural and community assets have been identified as being the priority assets that are subject to manageable high and/or low threat levels.

If you think there are sites that should be included as priorities below, or that there are reasons for any of the sites below not to be included, we would love to hear your feedback. You can comment on each of the project pages by clicking on the thumbnail pictures below or provide general feedback here.

Three state and transition models for the communities and culture theme area have been developed; one for cultural heritage found here; one for community found here and one for building capacity found here.