Black-stripe Minnow

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

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Black-stripe minnow (Galaxiella nigrostriata) (Tim Storer)

Black-stripe minnow (Galaxiella nigrostriata) (Tim Storer)

The black-stripe minnow (Galaxiella nigrostriata), is a small freshwater fish that grows to a maximum of about 5cm in length. It has a silvery-grey colour with a yellow stripe flanked by black strips that goes from the eyes to the base of the tail. It is currently known only to exist in three locations: Melaleuca Park near Perth, Kemerton near Bunbury and between Augusta and Albany, mainly centred around Windy Harbour in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park.

Habitat and Life Cycle

The minnow prefers slow-running streams, ponds or swamps and are often found in seasonal wetlands that dry up over the summer months, where they aestivate (go into dormancy) in the sediments when the wetlands are dry. They also tend to only be found in water bodies with good fringing vegetation.

Conservation Status

This species is not currently listed nationally as an endangered species but is state listed as priority fauna due to the small range it now occupies, most likely due to the destruction of wetlands that occurred as a result of European settlement.


Major threats could include urban and rural development, prescribed burning, modification of water systems, mining, groundwater extraction, exotic fish and a changing climate.

SWCC Strategic Priority

The Black-stripe minnow is identified as a first order priority asset within SWCC’s NRM Strategy under the Aquatic Biodiversity theme.


A project with Murdoch Freshwater Fish group who are doing research on the Balston’s Pygmy Perch will also benefit this species indirectly through barrier mitigation activities, feral fish control and awareness raising activities.


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