Broadwater wetlands

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

WaterResourcesBroadwater Wetlands

The Broadwater wetlands are located to the west of Busselton and are found between the New River wetlands and the Vasse-Wonnerup Estuary and are mostly contained within a conservation reserve.

Biological and Physical Values

The area consists of floodplains and shallow lagoons and the area is low-lying and receives extensive winter inundation. Flood protection relies on both the Vasse Diversion Drain and the Buayanyup Diversion Drains.

Remnant vegetation consists of wetland vegetation on the northern margins and a paperbark forest on the southern and eastern margins.

Conservation Status



These wetlands are considered to be in poor condition, but are an important waterbird habitat. Agricultural activities in the upper catchment influence the water quality of these wetlands.

Broadwater Wetlands and Climate Change


SWCC Strategic Priority

The Broadwater Wetlands are identified within SWCC’s NRM Strategy as a high priority asset under both the Water Resources theme.




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