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Posted on Jan 9, 2015

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Mouth of the Donnelly River (Chris Gibbs)

Mouth of the Donnelly River (Chris Gibbs)

The Donnelly River whose headwaters are found between Bridgetown and Manjimup, flows south west through the D’Entrecasteaux National Park, and enters the ocean at Twin Karris Beach.

Biological and physical values

Typical riparian vegetation includes species such as Agonis flexuosa, Banksia species and native willow (Callistachys lanceolata) which occur along the streams and swampy watercourses.

During a 2006 study, the following freshwater fish were found in the river; the Western Minnow, Mud Minnow, Western Pygmy Perch and Nightfish. Numerous estuarine species such as Black Bream, Western Hardyhead and South West Goby were also located here, as well as the Pouched Lamprey.

Current Condition and Trends


Conservation Status



Water quality along the Donnelly River has been identified as being of potential concern due to boat fuels and fumes (predominantly 2 stroke motors) of recreational boaters. The huts along the Donnelly also have the potential to impact on water quality due to a lack of controlled sewage and sewage systems in the area.

Donnelly River and Climate Change


SWCC Strategic Priority

Donnelly River is identified within SWCC’s NRM Strategy as a first order priority asset under the Aquatic Biodiversity theme.





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