Meerup River

Posted on Jan 9, 2015

Meerup RiverAquaticBiodiversity

The Meerup River is located to the south west of Northcliffe, with the majority of the river (70%) located within the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. The river is over 22 km in length and starts at an elevation of 98.5 m and flows into the Southern Ocean. This river is perennial with most flows occurring in winter and spring with smaller flows occurring during summer and autumn.

Biological and physical values

Typical riparian vegetation includes species such as Agonis flexuosa, Banksia species and native willow (Callistachys lanceolata) which occur along the streams and swampy watercourses.

Current Conditions and Trends


Conservation Status




Meerup River and Climate Change


SWCC Strategic Priority

Meerup River is identified within SWCC’s NRM Strategy as a second order priority asset under the Aquatic Biodiversity theme.





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