NLP Strategic Groundworks

Through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, SWCC is supporting its 12 Sub-Regional and Community Landcare Groups with funding totaling just over $2 million over the coming three years (2015-18).

Summary of proposed on-ground works

Blackwood Basin Group      $175,000

This project will work with the local community to strategically reduce the degradation, loss and fragmentation of natural habitats for nationally significant species in the Blackwood Catchment.

Bridgetown-Greenbushes Landcare     $175,000

Inappropriate land management is increasing risks of erosion, salinity, soil acidification, biosecurity threats from pests, weeds and diseases and loss of biological diversity. This project will protect and manage selected areas of degraded land and priority bushland on shire reserves and private properties, including creating landscape linkages.

Cape to Cape Catchments Group     $175,000

CCG has been working in partnership with state and local government, landholders, Water Corporation, SWCC and the community since 2003 to protect and restore the ecosystem function, resilience and biodiversity of the Margaret River and its catchment. This project will build on previous work and will address identified concerns regarding degradation and fragmentation of riparian vegetation on the Margaret River. It will focus on enhancing the resilience of the Margaret River as an ecological corridor through strategic on-ground vegetation protection and enhancement work and will determine high priority future actions to ensure the on-going protection and improvement of the river system.

Dumbleyung Landcare Zone     $175,000

This project will provide fencing subsidy to farmers for the protection and preservation of valuable natural bush areas over 13 locations throughout the Shire. It will also offer incentive for farmers to acquire local species to be planted across 8 sites in the Shire for the purpose of rehabilitation of the soil and to prevent further degradation. Vegetation blocks and bush corridors will be established to create habitat for all living species and also buffer existing bush areas. Sites revegetated will also address the high and rising water table and to protect bare and erodible agriculture areas from further degradation.

Geocatch     $175,000

This project aims to protect and enhance riparian and EPP wetland vegetation, ecological values and threatened species habitat, and to improve water quality in wetlands and waterways of the Geographe Catchment.

Katanning LCDC      $175,000

Katanning Landcare’s Platform Projects include Katanning Arboretum and Phascogale Habitat. This funding is an important opportunity to leverage additional investment. The projects provide a ‘platform’ to get base level activities underway in all three project areas, raise awareness and get ‘wheels in motion’ ready for more complex and detailed projects and larger investment.

Nyabing-Pingrup LCDC     $87,500

McDougall Nature Reserve (DPaW) and Nyabing Golf Course function as CRITICAL ‘stepping-stones’ between larger patches of remnant vegetation around Lake Dumbleyung in the west & Lake Chinocup in the East. The waterways and associated remnant bushlands that lead upstream/south of McDougall NR and north of the golf course function as important wildlife corridors to biodiversity patches around Nyabing town-site. This project aims to protect (via livestock fencing and nest-box installation) and enhance (via revegetation and livestock fencing) these linking corridors between Nyabing & McDougall NR and the golf course. These onground works will provide a platform to engage landholders and create a focal point for environmental monitoring and education.

Wagin-Woodanilling Landcare Zone     $175,000

WWLZ’s primary role is to foster a culture of community ownership and commitment to innovative and sustainable management and development of the environmental resources in the Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone to improve the quality of life for current and future generations. To achieve this WWLZ will run a series of community engagement events, also valuable on-ground works including fencing off revegetation sites (30+ha).

Leschenault Catchment Council     TBC

Lower Blackwood LCDC     TBC

Warren Catchments Council     TBC

West Arthur Landcare     TBC