Strategy Review

This website is the spatial representation of the Regional NRM Strategy. In this format the Strategy is now an interactive, living document that will assist SWCC and its partners and stakeholders in planning for natural resource management now and into the future.

Currently the Strategy identifies a large number of assets and threats from across the region. The future of the region’s climate and its implications for our regional priorities is only beginning to be touched on.

The Australian Government, through the AdaptNRM Project, has released technical guidelines outlining the adaptation planning process and the challenges that NRM Regional Bodies face with regards to incorporating climate change into their strategic plans and decision-making.

The four key challenges associated with adapting to climate change in NRM planning are identified as being:

1. Making decisions for multiple possible futures – NRM planners must find ways to plan that are consistent with the range of likely futures and possible desired outcomes. This necessarily involves a degree of uncertainty, but this need not be a barrier to planning.

2. Employing flexible and adaptive planning processes – New information will continue to emerge about the likelihood of future climates and consequences and planners may need to develop plans that are even more flexible and/or more rapidly adapted to incorporate this new information.

3. Explicitly identifying and preparing for likely future decisions – Plans need to prepare for future decisions, including understanding which decisions need to be made now and which could or should be made later, identifying and monitoring the triggers that indicate when a new decision needs to be made, and planning to gather information to support future decision-making.

4. Strengthening the adaptive capacity of people and organisations – There are many people and organisations that manage and depend on natural resources. Successful development and implementation of plans ultimately depends on the capacity of people to be flexible and adaptive throughout all phases of the planning process.

SWCC will be developing a framework in the coming months to address these challenges and identify the way forward with regards to the ongoing review of the Strategy and incorporating appropriate adaptive planning responses.