Aboriginal System

aboriginal groups

As the traditional inhabitants of this land, the Noongar people have used the land, the sea, the waters and the plants and animals of this land for tens of thousands of years.

Caring for Country is at the heart of the culture of the Noongar people, and underpins their spiritual, cultural and physical well-being.


Climate Change and the Aboriginal System

Thirteen semi-structured interviews of key aboriginal people across the South West Catchments Council (SWCC) natural resource management (NRM) region were conducted during October and November, 2014. The discussions explored how community members define ‘home’; what changes they have noticed; and how they believe a changing climate will affect food, water and shelter components of their environment. Through the discussions of the interviews, changes to the system beyond climate change were raised and included in the visual representations found here. It was important to capture the discussion of the whole system and its values.