Blackwood Basin

Blackwood overview map


The Blackwood River Basin covers a diverse landscape of some 23,500 km2. It varies in winter rainfall from 350 mm in the upper catchment to 1400 mm  on the coast. For this reason, this catchment has been divided into three overlapping areas, the lower, middle and upper Blackwood Basin. The Blackwood Basin Group breaks the region up into nine landcare zones. The lower Blackwood corresponds to zones one and two, the middle Basin to zones 3 and the upper Blackwood zones four to nine.

For more information on the lifestyles, landscapes and livelihoods of each of these areas, click on the area of interest below.

Regional priorities have been identified for across the whole of the Blackwood Basin, and are included further below and can be viewed in the spatial map.

Lower Blackwood               Middle Blackwood              Upper Blackwood


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Regional Priorities

To discover more about the regional priorities identified within the Blackwood Basin; click on the pictures below.