Livelihoods of the Middle Blackwood

The Blackwood Basin’s economy as a whole is based mainly on agricultural production, with around 80% of the region devoted to it. The region has significant timber and mineral resources also. The middle Blackwood Basin, along with the lower Basin, is known for it’s high tourism values, with approximately 380,000 tourists visiting each year. 60% of the middle Blackwood Basin has been cleared for predominantly rural land-uses.


Main employment industries in the middle Blackwood basin vary from agricultural production, horticulture to service industries. Below are the top five employment responses at Balingup and Mullalyup (within the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup) and within the Shires of Bridgetown-Greenbushes and Boyup Brook.

balingup employ

mullalyup employ

bridgetown employ

boyup brook employ



  • ABS 2011 Community Profile Statistics.