Livelihoods of the Upper Blackwood

The Blackwood Basin’s economy as a whole is based mainly on agricultural production, with around 80% of the region devoted to it. The 80% devoted to agricultural production is made up of the upper Basin and a small portion of the middle and lower Basins. Agricultural production in the upper Basin includes sheep, beef cattle and grain farming.


Employment within the ‘Sheep, Beef Cattle and Grain Farming’ industry ranked highest response for all Shires within the Upper Blackwood Basin from the 2011 Census. The highest response for the Town of Narrogin Other agricultural production industries such as ‘Agriculture and Fishing Support Services’ and ‘Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing’ ranked in the top five responses for several of the Shires. Service industries such as ‘School Education’, ‘Local Government Administration’, Retail and ‘Hospitals’ ranked in the top five responses in several of the Shires also.

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