Who’s on the ground in the Capes?

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The Cape to Cape Catchments Group (CCG) is a community group that works with community and government agencies to understand, protect and improve our local environment. To see more of what is happening locally by Cape to Cape Catchments Group check out their website.

___An Introduction to CCG brochure can be found hereIntroducing CCG front page








Introducing CCG front page

___CCG’s Strategic Directions 2015-2018 can be seen here









The City of Busselton currently have two Environmental Planners and a number of key environmental planning documents including their 2011 Biodiversity Incentive Strategy for private landholders. The City manages a number of important and diverse local reserves including Ambergate Reserve. Reserve management plans can be found on their website.


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“The Shire has a responsibility to protect the environment through planning for the future and to proactively respond to key environmental issues”. More can be found out about the Shire’s responsibilities towards the environment on their website. 

COASTSWAP_UCCoastSWaP was formed in 1990 to assist coastal managers, particularly local governments to share information and provide solutions on how best to deal with common coastal management problems throughout the South West. More can be found about the group on their website.