Lifestyles of Leschenault

The Leschenault catchment is a mix of industrial, urban, rural and environmental land uses. An estimated 78,000 people currently reside within the Leschenault catchment (ABS, 2011). The towns vary is size with the major urban centre being Bunbury and growing townsites of Australind, Eaton, Collie, Dardanup and Donnybrook.

The majority of the catchment’s population resides within the City of Bunbury, the southern half of the Shire of Harvey (not including the Harvey townsite and Yarloop), the Shire of Collie and the northern half of the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup (not including the townsite of Balingup).



The median age across these localities ranges from 33 in Australind to 43 in Argyle and Leschenault. Community statistics for each of the localities in the table above can be found online from the ABS 2011 Census data.

Forecast Growth

The Leschenault catchment is forecast to continue with its rapid growth in the Shire of Dardanup (Eaton), Shire of Harvey (Australind) and the Shire of Capel (Dalyellup) putting further pressure on the natural resources and coastal environments of these areas.

forecast growth leschenault

Further to this, the Bunbury Urban Area, where the rapid growth is expected as above, is estimated to reach 150,000 between 2031 and 2050 (WAPC, 2014).